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Pediatric Chiropractic

Pediatric Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is safe and effective to practice on patients of all ages and chiropractic care for kids has gained popularity. Kids are starting athletics at a young age, parents are more cautious about doctors that overprescribe medication, and we all know kids are prone to stumbles and falls! Chiropractic is a method to both defend against injury and heal from accidents without the use of drugs or surgery.

Why Do Children Need Adjustments

There is no age recommendation for beginning chiropractic care. Even infants who have suffered trauma to the spine during a natural or C-section birth can receive a minor adjustment. Babies that have trouble latching to breastfeed can often be helped with gentle adjustments to ease discomfort in the neck and shoulders. Many chiropractic benefits for children are the same as for adults, like overall musculoskeletal health and function, and improving immunity and sleep. Adjustments can be performed on children using gentle pressure. Some parents are uncomfortable at the thought of their small child’s bones being cracked or popped the way they can feel their own shift during an adjustment. However, a child’s bones are still forming. This means a chiropractor can use the same techniques on a child but with much less force, so these adjustments are performed gently and quickly for maximum benefit to the child.

What Issues Can Chiropractic Care Improve For Children

Chiropractic adjustments are often recommended for child patients simply because it can correct issues particular to children. Chronic ear infections in a small child can feel like a vicious cycle, but this irritation is often related to misalignment in the neck. Restoring that balance can improve middle ear drainage and prevent further infections. Allergies and asthma start to surface in young children, and the two are closely linked to the respiratory system. A misalignment in the spine can confuse a body’s immune system and cause a reaction with respiratory symptoms, so children should be seen by a chiropractor before being treated for allergies.

Regular adjustments are healthy for the growth and development of a child’s nervous system and strengthen immunity. Chiropractors use the body’s ability to heal itself in their approach to treatment and kids are especially resilient, making them great candidates for chiropractic care. Keeping a body’s systems functioning at their best helps to heal injury and fight infection in your child without drugs or procedures.

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