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Thompson Terminal Point Technique or Thompson Drop-Table technique 

A precision adjusting table with a weighing mechanism that adds only enough tension to hold the patient in the "up" position before the thrust is given.

About the Founder 

This is a technique that was originated in the 1950s by Dr. Clay Thompson. (originated by Dr. Romer Derefield and further developed by Dr. Thompson) The technique uses an adjusting table with segmented drops. These drops lower various parts of the patient's spine quickly, either in the dorsal, lumbar, or pelvic areas, depending on which area is being treated. The quick drops allow your chiropractor to thrust on your spine at a much more powerful speed, using the most minimal amount of force to do it. The initial thrust begins the movement of the spine, and the drop of the table takes the area of the spine being worked on through its full range of motion. This promotes better, easier, more accurate adjustments, and swifter healing.

what should I expect with this technique?

When you come in for an appointment using this unique and widely accepted technique, you will lay face down on the table, with no need to take off any clothes. You can also wear your shoes for this treatment. This allows for an easier leg check, to give a common reference point to the doctor of where the heel and shoe are joined on each foot. Leg check is a big part of the treatment. The doctor looks at your legs in their extended position, and will then ask you to flex them to allow the doctor to compare them. This allows the doctor to notice any difference in the lengths of your legs. Adjustments done with the table can even up leg length differences, which makes your whole body more relaxed and work more fluidly and easily.

After your legs are compared, the adjustment will be done, with the help of the table's various drop pieces. The drop piece to be used on you is set to correspond to your weight, and cocked to be dropped. The doctor will then thrust on your spine while also releasing the drop piece so it drops as the doctor thrusts. This removes misalignments of the spine in a much easier, gentler way than traditional chiropractic adjustments. This is why some patients prefer this technique to others.

Thompson Technique

The Thompson Technique, also known as the Thompson Terminal Point Technique or Thompson Drop Technique, is a full spine chiropractic method developed by Dr. Clay Thompson. This technique utilizes a special table known as the Thompson Drop Table to enhance the chiropractor's ability to make precise and effective spinal adjustments. The Thompson Technique focuses on the segmental drop table and the concept of leg length analysis to deliver chiropractic care that aims to improve spinal health and alignment.

What is the Thompson Technique?

The roots of the Thompson Drop Technique, which is a full spine method of chiropractic, can be traced back to Dr. Clay Thompson, who developed this approach to offer a diversified form of chiropractic care. The Thompson Drop-Table Technique employs a unique table with segmented drop sections that enable a chiropractor to deliver targeted drop table adjustments to particular areas of the spine, referred to as the terminal points.

How does the Thompson Drop Table Technique, a cutting-edge form of chiropractic, function? Contact us to learn more. The Thompson Technique operates on the premise that the body's musculoskeletal system is designed to be self-correcting and self-regulating. Integrating leg length evaluation, the chiropractor employing the Thompson Technique utilizes manual modifications to correct any inconsistencies in leg length and spinal alignment, thus enhancing optimal function and range of motion.

The joy of using the Thompson Drop Table Technique lies in its capacity to offer gentle yet potent chiropractic adjustments. The Thompson Drop-Table Technique helps deliver precise and controlled adjustments using a specialized table, making it a count-on alternative for patients pursuing chiropractic treatment for various spinal problems.

How does the Thompson Technique differ from other chiropractic techniques?

The Thompson Technique differs from the Drop Table Technique as it utilizes a specialized segmented drop table to provide specific adjustments to targeted spinal segments. In contrast, the Drop Table Technique uses a flat table and a spring-loaded mechanism for spinal adjustments.

Comparison with the Gonstead Technique reveals that the Thompson Technique focuses on the terminal point, utilizing leg length analysis, and segmented drop technology, while the Gonstead Technique emphasizes specific adjustments to individual spinal segments based on X-ray analysis and palpation.

Thompson Drop Technique's impact on chronic back pain stems from its ability to provide targeted adjustments to the affected spinal segments, thus enhancing nerve function. Addressing misalignments and improving nerve function with the Thompson Drop Technique offers potential relief for individuals suffering from chronic back pain. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

What are the key components of the Thompson Technique?

Understanding the Terminal Point is crucial in the application of the Thompson Technique.

The use of the specialized chiropractic table in the Thompson Drop Table Technique is integral to the full spine alignment process for patients. This specialized chiropractic table, used in the Thompson Drop Technique, features segmented drop pieces that correspond to spinal segments, allowing the chiropractor to deliver precise and controlled adjustments based on individual patient needs.

The leg check is a crucial step in the Thompson Technique manual adjustment process. It involves the chiropractor applying specific manual thrusts to address misalignments and promote optimal nerve function and spinal health. The combination of the Thompson Drop Table and manual adjustments ensures a comprehensive approach to chiropractic care.

Who can benefit from the Thompson Technique?

The Thompson Drop Technique, which is a Full Spine technique, offers potential benefits for patients with chronic back pain by providing targeted adjustments to improve spinal alignment and nerve function. Individuals seeking diversified chiropractic care can also benefit from the precise and gentle nature of the Thompson Technique, which offers an alternative to traditional spinal manipulation methods.

The impact on spinal health and alignment is a key benefit of the Thompson Technique, as it aims to address underlying issues contributing to spinal misalignments and discomfort. By promoting optimal spinal function, the time-tested Thompson Drop Technique provides potential benefits for individuals seeking to improve overall spinal health. To explore these benefits, schedule an appointment with us.

How to find a qualified chiropractor offering the Thompson Technique?

Finding chiropractic clinics that have adopted the Thompson Drop Table Technique can be done by finding chiropractic practices in your local area and specifically asking about their expertise in this approach. It's crucial to ensure that your chiropractor is accredited in the Thompson Drop-Table Technique, demonstrating their aptitude in employing this specialized approach to chiropractic care.

Understanding the procedure and benefits of the Thompson Drop-Table Technique can be completed through a consultation with your trusted chiropractor. Contact us to schedule an appointment. During the consultation, the chiropractor can explain how the technique works and how it may benefit your specific spinal health and alignment issues, allowing you to make an informed decision about pursuing Thompson Technique chiropractic care.

The Thompson technique is one of the many adjusting methods utilized by Dr. Fraser

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